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Intended for short form anonymous feedback for TTRPG sessions. 

This form is intended to be used in person for short, low pressure and low time commitment feedback from players after a session of your GM'd or DM'd game of choice. If you're worried about everyone having fun, if you don't think your game is firing at all cylinders or you just wanna get better at running games, this is intended as an easy way to try to get thoughts from your players without worrying about them feeling uncomfortable voicing suggestions or critiques especially if you don't know your group well yet.


I'm also including a PDF with a fillable form in case you want to use this online but don't want to make a poll on a third party website or you're having trouble getting people to use other methods of written feedback online after playing. If it's important to keep feedback anonymous while using it online, I'd recommend using a site like file.io or sendspace and then sharing those links  in an Google Doc that doesn't require a login to edit, or something along those lines, unless a better solution is more obvious for you. 

Install instructions

There is the default form, the fillable form, and then sheets with four per a letter sized 8.5 by 11 inches piece of paper for easy printing, and a sheet with cut lines.


SessionFeedbackForm.pdf 50 kB
SessionFeedbackFillableForm.pdf 109 kB
SessionFeedbackFormFullSheet_1.pdf 56 kB
SessionFeedbackSheetWithCutLines.pdf 56 kB

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