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Mistakes here have cost more than an arm and a leg before; ascend the tower and face sentient body parts gone mad.

This is a shortish adventure to plug into your game with some work to adapt it to your system of choice. In it the players arrive at a tower in the wilderness previously used as the home and workshop of an ancient and mysterious crystalline being. His limbs and eyes have rebelled against him and now it is the scene of a number of conflicts and strange machinations. There are five levels each with its own conflict, rolling as you go to decide whether the players have a chance to negotiate or ally with its inhabitants rather than fight them outright. 

Most of the work in adapting this for your game would be giving specific stats and abilities to different NPC's and enemies by pulling from a monster manual and spell list. Planting specific treasure and rewards is the other main thing to consider though you could roll on a table or use an online generator to reduce prep there.

Millenia ago a crystalline man separated himself into pieces. Each piece taking onto itself the unthinking consciousness of the body yet raised up by feral magicks to sentience. That crystalline man called himself Akades. Whether he is the last of an ancient race made by god, or formed from the void itself is unknown. Or perhaps he was the opus of a forgotten magician. Or maybe he began as a magician's final attempt at sinless immortality. The true answer is not known. Rumors come now from Akades lonely tower. Tales of danger for those without. Whispers of madness and avarice on the part of his wilding protuberances. 

My submission to the 2020 One Page Dungeon Contest.

Feel free to let me know what you think and if you use it in some way in your game.


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